THE MAGIC MEDAL OF SAINT-CHRISTOPHER The Magic Medal of Saint-Christopher protects you on the Path way of Life, on the Road of Happiness !

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Accidents avoided, lives saved. The Miracles accomplished by this age-old Medal areendless. The pathway to assured happiness. It's efficiency has been known for centuries. A passport to a safe journey of success ! 

A constant protection on the road of life ! Multiply your chances, on the Path of life, promise yourself success of every sort on the road of HAPPINESS, thanks to the most beneficial of all medals !  

IN FACT, for centuries, the Saint-Christopher Magic Medal has protected the solitary pilgrim as much as the military troops on their paths of conquest. For amazing things to come about, that which I recommend to you has been selected, recognized and magnetized by a very professional Magus Jean Christopher, as it possesses so many magnetic and magic abilities, it can give you amazing powers which in turn can bring you luck in all areas of life.  

Whetherit should be the journey, on the road of Love, for following traces that lead to luck or leading the way in the hunt for treasure and Money, the protection of the Saint Christopher Magic Medal is obvious, it protects you in the accent to the most beautiful heights of the conquest of the joy of life and of HAPPINESS !  

If you truly desire that it should finally be your turn to profit from the best things that life reserves for you, if you really do hope that your torments should end, that your worries cease, and that finally luck should smile upon you in all areas of life, if you would like more money, more love, more happiness or more self confidence, don't hesitate one moment, try yourself the Fabulous Saint Christopher Magic Medal magnetized specially for you. 

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It is certain that you too deserve to know happiness and to taste the joy and richness that life can offer !  

WOULD YOU LIKE  to see your fate captured and influenced, to fight with success against be witchment, to attract luck in a decisive way, to change a perhaps precarious,or even completely unbearable situation, into a life full of joy, love, happiness and money. Is all of this not your biggest wish ? Without delay, wear the Magic Medal of Saint Christopher, around your neck and you will then see how things can change. This for you, will be the secret to success along the beautiful road of Happiness, on which you will travel !  

T>he number of miracles produced by this medal is immense. There is every reason for you trying your turn with the Magic Medal of Saint Christopher, specially magnetized for you by one of the very best Magus, to give you success in all areas...  

Shall we clarify who exactly the famous Magus Jean Christopher is ?  

Initiated at a young age into the occult sciences, and into paranormal phenomena, the Magus Jean Christopher was seduced straight away, the simplicity and quiet confidence of it all. With the Magus himself, everything is very clear, his has a relaxed approach and his own certainty and confidence instantly give away confidence to others. "I don't accept defeat, he confides, I use my energy go channel goodness !"  

There is no question of suffering through negative fate, or accepting inevitability. His determination and fighting spirit see difficulties to the end !  

His inner strengths remove the negative forces, hunt down harmful waves, and entice positive forces towards you. These natural gifts of telepathy, bring luck, love and the joy of life to you ! You re-gain confidence in yourself, in life and in your destiny !  

Here is an extract from a discussion had  with Jean Christopher 
(Exclusive Interview !)


J.C : "I have memories of my first visions, that close friends and family spoketo me of. I have always possessed this gift of Clairvoyance which has been given to me, and which I use in the course of my life, everyday, for the advantage of those people who need help. Since my earliest childhood, I always knew, with accuracy what was going to happen. I could inform those in my close family circle in advance, about future events. It's completely naturally that during our last interview, I told you of the goodness that you need, just like how I also feel towards all those who are in need of positive futures full of nothing but good."  


J. C.: "Yes, I've been practicing it for a very long time, and my GREAT STRENGTH is in how I act, with total discretion Without publicity, my fame has arrived all by itself, which I find difficult to understand, and I give thanks to above for allowing me to give the best of my time to bringing essential help to all those who ask for it."  


J. C.: "Yes, of course, if not, I wouldn't continue. For proof, you just need to look at a few examples of letters, as evidence of satisfaction and gratitude. I am positive that this is the most perfect reward possible, and from day to day, the amount of praise only increases. I really feel that I can serve to "guide" these people, and all those who call to me. That is why I never hesitate a moment to help, as fast as possible, the people who I feel are in difficulty or in sadness, as I know that my HELP will be precious to them at all times in their LIVES. I will never be able to thank enough the destiny that has allowed me to discover such magnificent work, in the service of these people, and also those who are in distress or misery."  


J. C.: "I can work on all of these, but I prefer much more to serve the average, more deprived person who I think is much more in need of my HELP, in their most difficult times. It is for them and with them that I want to fight with, with efficiency, on the road to happiness !"  


J. C.: "It is by my intuition, that I chose the people that I know need my HELP. It's also often by purechance, that I decide that it is this particular person who feels solitude the most cruelly, who has the hardest time, and in this way, I can intervene to help each one find a solution on the road to wealth, love, in other words, HAPPINESS ! 

If you totally confident that it should finally be your turn to take advantage of these good things that are awaiting you in life, if you really hope that your torments will come to an end, that your worries will cease, and that finally LUCK should smile upon you, if you really desire money, love, happiness, or confidence, don't hesitate one minute, quickly take advantage of the chance that I am offering you.  

Don't hesitate to try the Magic Medal of SAINT CHRISTOPHER, as YOU TOO, you deserve more than anyone to know true HAPPINESS, to taste the JOY OF LIFE, and to finally enjoy much WEALTH...  

ORDER your Magic Medal of Saint Christopher at the reduced price of just us$ 35 . Try it without any obligation, and with our GUARANTEE: total satisfaction or your money back !  


So much of a hero of Romain Rolland, the Magus, Jean Christopher speaks tothe sky and stars. He orders the Clouds... From an early age, his visions and amazing flashes surprised people because of their clear precision and accuracy. The power of double vision allows him to avoid the worst and to foresee the best. Born in a mysterious land of Druids, very close to the temple of Janus, he frequents, very early in the morning, the Sacred Places of Pil grimage, such as "la roche de Solutre", or "le Mont Beuvray" (in France). Without doubt, they are part of the secret world that he knows, along with his Mysterious Gifts, Mystical Power, and his amazing Magnetism. He is full of the "Spirit" of Mystery and Shadow... from his pure heart, light floods out... And how is it that the Magus, Jean Christopher helps men and women to win at games, to find Lost love, to meet with Happiness...? You could say that there aren't any real explanations. The Magus Jean Christopher puts it himself: "I have in born gifts. Passing images, like flashes before my eyes..." Concerning the future, this amazing, out of the ordinary medium, is capable of seeing things that we cannot even suspect. (M.E.)  

The Magus Jean Christopher, is a Medium of wonder, over talented, the best in CLAIRVOYANCE, confirmed by shining successes. His gifts and talent are prestigious, his predictions are just, but this is a Clairvoyant who helps every day hundreds of people in their lives to see more clearly, more LUCK, LOVE, MONEY and also the JOY OF LIFE ! (1994.M.E.)   

CLAIRVOYANCE has always been of great assistance to mankind. For all time, human being shave always had Clairvoyance to turn to since antiquity, whether it should be the Egyptians, the Chinese, the Greeks or the Romans. People ofevery social level use this method, should it be for the most commonthings in life, or for more important events.  

Because of this particularly difficult time in history, in which feelings of optimism and enthusiasm towards life are lacking, the powerful people in this world, the executives, engineers, and modest people always come back to Clairvoyance.  

You realize that actually it works for an awful lot of people: there is so much evidence to convince you.  

It is true that amongst our contemporaries, as in the past, certain privileged people (like the Magus Jean Christopher), possess divine gifts which they can develop, in order to give benefit to others.  

The largest, recent predictions:  
- The pulling down of the BerlinWall. 
- The peace between Israel andthe Palestinians. 
- The peace in Lebanon. 
- The intervention of the UN inIraq. 
- The earthquakes in America. 
- The fragile peace in ex-Yougoslavia, etc. 

From Nostradamus to today... The big events are felt with violence by this Medium, events with serious consequences are avoided by those who listen to him.  

Whether it should be in personal or professional ambitions, many of the successful people of this WORLD allow themselves to trust their Clairvoyants, moving with care in difficult times, making decisions that bring results, and leading very "fulfilling" lives. This is what you call "Luck" !  

Look at the extracts below, taken from the Book of Gold of the Magus Jean Christopher. If you accept to try the Magic Medal, your very own evidence could soon appear within this book...  


«...I feel secure when I take your MEDAL. My behavior has since changed, I take life as it comes, I feel happier with myself. I am more open, I talk a lot... it does me good. Since I've been in contact with you, you have accomplished a lot of things for me...»

Writing by Veronique N.(22)

«...Since I've been wearing the Saint Christopher, everyone looks at me differently. You could even say that they appreciate me. The people whonever spoke to me at all, speak to me today... this brings pleasure...»

Writing by Isabelle M. (15)

«...I am very happy with what you have given me. I am full of joy, since I received your magical present, it has changed my life. I trust you, I want to thank you very much...»

Writing by Thierry I. (77)


«...I was in a desperate situation, my nights became hell, I found myself at the bottom of a well, or in a tunnel with out end. You have got rid of the spiraling failures which imprisoned my life...»

Writing by Georgette G. (76)

«...My life and my situation have begun to change, above all in the financial field as you had predicted for me, I believe that you have helped to put me back on the right path...»

Writing by Patrick P. (88)


«...I am writing to you to inform you that you have already accomplished some very good things for me. In fact, 8 days after receiving your post, I won us$10 000. I am very happy, as you know because you have done me a great service, and I really needed it...»

Writing by Marie O. (97)

«...Since I received your letter telling me of the changes, there's been a miracle. Just 18 days later, much luck in the lottery games enabled me to settle some debts which couldn't wait any longer. I thank you sincerely»

Writing by Catherine P. (59)

«...And the next year really brought luck, thanks to you, as I won thesum of $ 6,830 ...»

Writing by Arlette S. (51)

«...I won $ 400 in a lottery game, and this has allowed me to pay my taxes...»

Writing by Patricia V. (92)

«...I have some good news for you. I won $ 4,000 in a lottery game, thanks to the Medal...»

Writing by Klebert B. (69)

«...I have found a new job which isn't far from where I live. So, you see, you bring luck. I have won, in a lottery game, $ 1.200. So everything is going well for me, I am very happy...»

Writing by Beatrice M. (80)


«...I can believe in you. You have read right into me, and you don't even know me...»

Writing by Georges P. (71)

«...I have become very suddenly LUCKY, thank you once more ! I am really happy with what you have done for me. You have brought me out of bad luck...»

Writing by Louis D. (67)

«...A big thank you... Since I received your two letters, a mass of positive events have come about, I have even gone ahead with things that I would never have had the idea of doing, and which have quickly unknotted my situation...»

Writing by Jeanine C. (29)

«...But now, everything is going well... It's wonderful, and I can already shout victory... I feel good about myself and all thanks to you John Christopher. I thank you with of my heart...»

Writing by Bernard E. (13)

«...for some time now I've been living wonderfully... a lot of friendship... new relationships... between my husband and myself everything is sortedout, I am doing magnificent things... Money?... there is unexpected cashcoming in, YES, Jean Christopher, I have found again joy, and happiness in life...»

Writing by Annick U (93)


«...Before, Iwas in a life of "hell". Now, I am no longer alone as I was before. My life has completely changed. I am happy, and satisfied, thanks of course, to your help...»

Writing by Daisy B. (93)

«...I must confess to you that I am very satisfied with what you have done. Above all, your telepathic sessions have done me a lot of good. Thank you for all that you have undertaken for me...»

Writing by Christian N. (Lux)

The Magic Medal of Saint Christopher has protected them on the Path of Life and on the Road of Happiness !  

Avoided accidents, lives saved. The number of miracles accomplished by this age-old Medal is beyond counting.  

The route to happiness is assured. It's efficiency has been known for centuries.The passport to a voyage of success !  

A constant protection on the path of life !  

MULTIPLY YOUR LUCK on the correct path of life, assure yourself of all success on the road of Happiness, thanks to the most beneficial of all Medals !  

In fact, for centuries and centuries the Magic Medal of Saint Christopher has protected the lonely pilgrim just as well as the courageous troops on their paths of conquest. ORDER as fast as possible, as at this price, I cannot let you take advantage for too long !  

I RECOMMEND IT TO YOU, as it possesses amazing magnetic and magic properties, and gives away mysterious powers charged by your medium, to bring you extra-ordinary luck in every area of life! So how exactly should you profit from all of this? Don't hesitate, ORDER now !   

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