The Magnetic Necklace

THE MAGNETIC NECKLACEThe Strange Magnetic Necklace of Mysterious Powers attracts LUCK, MONEY, LOVE, HAPPINESS, JOY OF LIFE.

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For this Magic Necklace to take affect, you simply need to wear it around yourneck. In fact, it is to this place in your body that the whole of your life passes !

It is in direct contact with you as soon as you wear it around your neck. It produces an intense rays around you, and pulls in your direction unbelievable opportunities, at every moment !


Necklaces like these, have turned around the lives of several thousands of people. People who yesterday where poor, despised, depressed, betrayed by those whom they love. Today, they no longer have financial problems, they are full of love, and feel good about themselves.

Their positive magnetism attracts LUCK, MONEY, MEN WOMEN and SUCCESS around them just like how the light of a lamp attracts butterflies.

But there isn't any "miracle" here, because all the happiness proves to be perfectly natural when you learn that the Fabulous Necklace of Luck (as everyone calls it today), thanks to it's "magical extremities", releases powerful bio-magnetic waves, which coat those whowear it in a protective layer, and acts as a shield to reflect off invisible negative harmful waves, which bring poverty, dispair, hate and suffering.

HOW should you take advantage straight away ?

All you need do is to simply ORDER immediately to try the "Magnetic Necklace", without obligation on your part, with our GUARANTEE: total satisfaction or money back.

On top of this, and in exception, I am letting you take advantage today of the reduction of us$81. on the price of your "Magnetic Necklace", 
that is, us$ 59
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IT IS FOR YOU that I am doing this today, specially on the Internet !

Then as soon as you will have placed the Magnetic Necklace around your neck, you will really see things improve !

FIRST OF ALL you will experience pleasant, relaxing, soothing, and relieved sensations. You will notice with surprise that your shyness, your hesitations, all of your complexes, and finally your anguish will have all disappeared.

Already, you will no longer be afraid to face the future, and in the following days something will change for you in your life. This could perhaps be the arrival of unexpected money, winnings from a lottery game, the disappearance of worry, anguish, or pain, the sudden solution to a preoccupying problem, the emotional meeting of someone that you wished for but didn't really believe in it, a certain plan at work or perhaps a certain desire becoming reality, who knows ?

There is so much satisfaction just waiting for you !

If only you knew what is happening to those who are already wearing this Necklace !

It's simple, yet you can't believe your ears !

Anyhow, below are some extracts from letters, and as you read them it will be clear to you that each person seems to obtain exactly that which he or she desires !

That is, incoming money, ability to sleep once more, winning in lottery games and bets, being freed from depression, emotional satisfaction, things starting to really work, or feeling really on form and good about yourself... in other words, luck, success and happiness.

The proof is here !

Happiness can appear in many totally different forms, but you know what you are lacking in to be perfectly happy! And whatever happens for others can happen to you too. There's nothing complicated about all of this !

It's actually very easy to be happy !

You must no longer be satisfied to live with hope or disappointment. You no longer have the right to neglect this extraordinary chance which is offering itself to you today: just think of how much you might regret it later on, not having acted, in a dark period like that which, without doubt you haveal ready known. The Necklace entrusts to those who wear it, a magnetic strength from an exceptional power.

It generates beneficial waves which determine cheerfulness, joy of life, luck, also good physical and mental health. Imagine the optimism and enthusiasm created by the proof that you will soon produce yourself !

Imagine the ease and speed with which you are going to increase the pleasure of your life, by 100%!

Even imagine the wonderful balance which could enable your body and spirit toopen out freely !

Imagine that you are going to finally be one of the privileged people who has so much opportunity and success, and who is denied nothing!


IT IS UP TO YOU now to name your desires: for all of this to come about, it is simply a question of days, in other words, just the time necessary for the necklace to surround your neck and to put it's mysterious strength to your service, and for your most immediate needs. But you must not waste any time at all: you only have one life, don't waste it for one more day !

It would be of great pleasure to me, if as soon as your Necklace has brought you something beneficial, like it has already done for so very many other people, quickly send me an e-mail to take part yourself. It will be a pleasure for me to know that this amazing, magic piece of jewellery will be able to make yet another person happy, and that this person should be you !

When you wear the Necklace, it is important that you should change nothing in your life. You will very quickly see, that numerous changes will appear all by themselves, and all working for one aim: that is your HAPPINESS !

Use this luck to your benefit !

Do not hesitate to take advantage of the mysterious powers of the Magnetic Necklace !

YES! THE MYSTERIOUS POWER of the Strange Magnetic Necklace can attract to you LUCK, MONEY, LOVE, HAPPINESS andTHE JOY OF LIFE ! Whatever your problems should be, your distress, your age, in all the difficulties in which you struggle, this Magnetic Necklace will be for you the most extraordinary chance of your life !

YES! with this Necklace, something is going to change for you: you are going to finally know the things which bring an easy and beautiful existence. This is why: if you are constantly lacking in money, if your general situation isn't good at all, if your desires concerning love are unsatisfied, if your husband no longer understands you, if your wife is far from you, if you are up against your children or parents, if you can't sleep any more, over whelmed with concerns, if spitefulness or jealousy surrounds you, if misfortune follows you withoutcease, IT IS BECAUSE YOUR PERSONAL LEVEL OF MAGNETISM IS DEFICIENT !

It is true! Spitefulness, misfortune, illness, accidents, and solitude have exhausted your magnetic reserve. And it is as essential for you physically, and for mental balance, as the air that your breath. Your internal magnetic circuit needs to be recharged, just as a car battery, it needs to be reactivated, in order to revitalise yourself and to protect you from harmful waves which come to ruin your life.

Here is the indisputable proof of the power of the magnetic necklace:

«WINNING MORE THAN A THOUSAND. For the first time in our lives, we have had the joy of receiving through a bet, something in the order of $ 2201,50...»

Writing by Mr W.

«Today, Sunday, I made a bet, and I won twice with theright order... I hope that this is going to continue...»

Writing by Mr P.

«THREE MORE NECKLACES. Having already received a necklace from you, I am making another order for 3 necklaces, so that my grand children can take advantage too.»

Writing by Mrs D.

«YOU'VE CONTINUED TO REALLY BRING LUCK, for several weeks,as I have already won some impressive sums of money in lottery games and in horse race bets, not in order»

Writing by Mr P.

«I AM HAPPY LIKE I HAVEN'T BEEN FOR YEARS, and I have the courage to undertake things, so that I do what I want in the week, and am no longer continuously bored...»

Writing by Mr R.D.

«I HAVE HAD SATISFACTION FROM YOUR NECKLACE. Just a few words to say that I have so much satisfaction from your necklace... I have 2 daughters who want one too...»

Writing by Mrs P.C.

«MY ELDER DAUGHTER OWNS ONE, and since she returned to school, her studies have been going very well...»

Writing by Mrs T.A.

«I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT. When I received it, I was already in a state of fatigue and also agitated. It immediately calmed me down. It allowed me to meet some wonderful people, I found once more, psychological and physical balance... thank you for all that you have done... thank you very much...»

Writing by Miss B.A.

«AS SOON AS THE FIRST WEEK, I HAD WON THE SUM OF $ 1890 IN A LOTTERY GAME. Let me tell you of how pleased I am with your necklace and of the happy results that I've obtained. I find that I have improved in many areas, that is physically, psychologically and in material terms...»

Writing by Mr A.M.

«I OFTEN WIN, and yet I never used to win in games...»

Writing by Mr L.R.

«THANK YOU FOR HAVING GIVEN ME JOY IN LIFE and for making me face my problems... I have found again the balance that I had lost for so many years...»

Writing by Mrs M.B.


Writing by Mrs A.B.

«3 EXTRAORDINARY EVENTS ARE HAPPENING, I have had money comming in, my boyfriend is very thought ful towards me since I've been wearing the necklace. I am finding a job... the sun has finally come out for me.»

Writing by Miss F.B.

«I HAVE RECIEVED MONEY. I want to really thank you for this necklace. I recieved money, I don't know where it is from: $ 800...straight away after wards I met a partner, I have found once more the affection that I had lost.»

Writing by Mrs C.D.

«MONEY GAINED IN A LAWSUIT. I am very happy with the beneficial results of the necklace. I succeeded in obtaining money in law suit. I am more relaxed now.»

Writing by Mrs M.B.

«I FOUND IT HARD TO BELIEVE. Very happy to have received your necklace... but I can't believe what has happened to me. 15 days a goI was playing lottery games for Wednesday and Saturday, five numbers came out each time. Saturday, I played a bet that was in order plus another couple of bets. Me, who never has any luck in lottery games. And on top of this, I received a letter which told me of an in heritance, at whichpoint I could no longer believe it. I really found it hard to take in, but all of this has happened to me in just 15 days.»

Writing by Mrs D.

«I HAVE MET A WONDERFUL GIRL. First of all I stopped smoking in the first month. Then for the first time I won $ 1830.- in abet. Unbelievable. And then, in just three weeks, and I met a wonderful girl.»

Writing by Mr J.V.

«I WON A HORSE RACE BET. I asked for a necklace. I received it Tuesday, I won a horse bet on Thursday, also I'd like you to send mea second one for my wife.»

Writing by Mr G.V.

«I HAVE WON AT LOTTERY GAMES SEVERAL TIMES. I am pleased with the necklace, thanks to it I have found it possible to sleep, and something extraordinary, I have won in lottery games several times.»

Writing by Mrs J.L.

«IT HAD BEEN THE FIRST. My husband has passed an exam, it has been the first and ever since he's spent more time with me.»

Writing by Mrs R.

«INCOMMING MONEY. Thanks to your necklace, I had moneycoming in last week... and also joy.»

Writing by Mrs A.B.

«EVERTHING HAS SUCCEEDING FOR ME. since I've worn your necklace, everything has succeeded for me, health, love, success, work, I don't dare believe it, yet it is true. I will never separate my self form it.»

Writing by Mr L.M. Abidjan

«MY NEIGHBOUR HAS WON $ 642. IN A HORSE BET If I make this order from you, it's because my neighbour ( who bought the same necklace), has won $ 642. in a horse bet, not in order, on the 13th of October...»

Writing by Mrs B.

«I am delighted with it and it's also a beautiful piece of jewellery. On Thursday I passed my exam, and so I finally had what Ihad wanted, I believe that your necklace is a miracle. I was very often irritated and since I've been wearing it, I have been much better...»

Writing by Mrs G.

«LESS CONCERNS ABOUT MONEY. Since I've had the necklace, my life has changed, above all emotionally, with my husband, the joy oflife has come back... Joy has also come back into the family... and of course there are less concerns about money...»

Writing by Mrs R.

«THE LOVELY SUM OF $ 640. Thanks to your necklace, for the first time, I have won in the lottery the lovely Sum of $ 640. This gives me back hope.»

Writing by Mrs C.L.


This amazing necklace of LUCK, has an important magnetic surface, equally balanced along the necklace and harmoniously distributed to the most strategic points on your body: IT IS A DIRECT CONTACT WITH THE WHOLE CIRCOMFERANCE OF YOUR NECK !

It is at this precise place that beneficial waves, guided by the necklace, will arrive, making you a very powerful receptor, capable of making the very best of the favourable influxes that it receives.

BECAUSE IT IS IN THE NECK THAT THE LARGEST NUMBER OF BLOOD VESSELS PASS, AND WHERE YOU FIND CONCENTRATED A VERY IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR BODY'S NERVOUS SYSTEM. Magnetic, activated blocks, leave from all along the necklace, making an ultra-sensitive antenna which will capture the beneficial waves, and help them to spread in your weakened nervous system. Your personal magnetism is therefore "built up" ready to face success.

WITH THE AMAZING NECKLACE OF LUCK, THE MAGNETIC WAVES FORM LIKE AN INVISIBLE SHIELD SURROUNDS YOU, and this effective shell prevents the negative waves from reaching you: bad luck, poverty, sadness, disappointment, concerns of all sorts, move away from your path as if enchanted. And yet this is no miracle !

SCIENCE HAS PROVED THAT WE PERMANENTLY LIVE IN A TRUE BATH OF MAGNETIC WAVES. Some are beneficial, others are so harmful that they can even kill. The magnetic necklace acts like a capturer and accumulator of the beneficial waves that you are so much in need of, and will allow you to make the best out of this beneficial action. BECOME ONE OF THE PRIVALEDGED PEOPLE WHO ATTRACTS MONEY, LUCK, LOVE !

Slip into the skin of those who have so much success: business, bets, love, fortune... all the joys of life. Become, yourself, one of the privileged people that normally you envy, who "omit" in a "natural" way, a permanent current of positive, beneficial waves, and who's power can stop and defeat the negative waves employed to destroy them.

Finally, no longer let luck pass you by, this is the perfect chance to succeed in life, quickly wear around your neck this amazing necklace of luck, it can (in no time at all), change your life. Remember that it is never too late for luck to arrive. It could be there for you today or tomorrow, and it could suddenly appear at your door at any moment.

You must be ready to size it as it appears before you, and ready to help yourself to it, to become accustomed to success, money and love. You must believe in luck, it doesn't just happen to the others!

Even if life hasn't exactly been fulfilled until this day, remember that LUCK has never been reserved for a small number of designated people, in advance.LUCK also exists for you: while you have read these lines, it has already taken a move towards you. So don't hesitate...Go to meet it. You have the right, it is certainly your turn !


Don't hesitate. ORDER today, and try the "Magnetic Necklace", without obligation on your part, with our GUARANTEE: total satisfaction or money back.

Make your choice from my catalogue (as all of the items benefit from the same guarantee), then immediately fill in the FORM, and reserve to try it without any risk,and also as I am keeping even more pleasant surprises for you...!

P. S. :In exception, on top of the reduction on the price of your "MagneticNecklace", at us$ 59 - instead of us$140 which means a reduction of us$ 81, I am offering you a reduction of 10% on all items in the catalogue, if you order at least 3 articles, and if you answer straight away, I willadd a superb SURPRISE PRESENT. I am doing this for you today, specially on the Internet!

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