The Magic Medal of Magus ERIAM brings complete protection and helps to bring you social promotion. This fabulous medal with the image of Eriam, brings bio-magnetic and super natural forces to those who wear it !

Effective in all cases of bewitchment or evil-eye. Guaranteed success in all are a sof life: success, love, luck, wealth, inner strength, confidence, protection. Fortune quickly obtained. The Magic Medallion of the Magus, plated in GOLD is reliable for it's help in any situation that you may be in, even the most difficult.

This Medallion is certainly worn by the PEOPLE OF SUCCESS in this world. It allows you to obtain and maintain the most important positions in society.

With it, you possess straight away the most amazing Powers of seduction, Luck, Courage, Self Confidence, and Protection.

This Fabulous Magic Medallion of the Magus Eriam,with the image of the Magus himself, brings exceptional magnetic radiance to those who wear it !

It also brings the Occult Strengths that are necessary to take charge of uncontrollably cruel destinies, as the Magus ERIAM knows how to do this! Request the FABULOUS MAGIC MEDALLION, showing the image of the Magus Eriam.

With his authentic Creation abilities, he has the reputation of being able to hunt down and influence negative fate, and fight with success against bewitchment.

It will very quickly bring you JOY, LUCK, COMFORT, LOVE and MONEY. To put your bio-magnetic radiance back into action, and to find again the full efficiency of your PSY abilities, wear the MAGIC MEDALLION conspicuously, and you will see how things really change. You will see the change in the the way that people look at you, and this will befor you your true SECRET to SUCCESS.

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The normal model:
us$ 37
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The GOLD plated Model:
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The Magus ERIAM is today, without a doubt, the most well known person, in the world of Clairvoyance and Occult Sciences. For a number of years now, the Magus Eriam has put his knowledge, his gifts, and his experience of Occult Sciences, into a constant service to many clients, and devotes the majority of his life to providing answers to the problems which arise every day, and responding to those who call to him for help in difficult moments.

The Magus Eriam has become by the force of things, the uncontested master of the Brother hood of these mediums, Clairvoyants, Magus, Astrologists, Numerologists, who do good by bringing the precious HELP that people are so much in need of.

The Magus Eriam, as the uncontested master of Clairvoyance, magnetism and exorcism, places all those who ask him for his help, under his high protection. The list of SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE who possess the Magic Medallion is far to impressive to be quoted from.

The list is full of those who willingly admit that they owe themselves to the Magic Medallion of the Magus Eriam, for their fame and success!

His extraordinary gift of Clairvoyance has allowed him in many circumstances to predict very important events, and if they hadn't been avoided, could have changed the face of the world!

His amazing ability in exorcism and magnetism, bring HAPPINESS, CONFIDENCE, LUCK and the JOY OF LIFE, even to those who wouldn't believe it possible any more. Take a look, yourself, at what is important about the radiance of magnetism...

You often ask why it is that certain people have all the success, why they swim in gold, in jewelry and money. You ask why it is like this for people who aren't particularly more intelligent than other people in general, and they don't have more diplomas than the others.

You also ask why certain women attract men as easily and quickly as honey attracts bees, especially when many of these women are neither more beautiful, educated or more elegant than the majority of the others.

Well, the fact is that these privileged people all have one important thing incommon that the others do not have, just one thing: the power with which they emit or receive magnetic waves, so that they can make the very best of this balance.

The most scholarly and distinguished Physicians of the XXth century recognize today, that we are all, at some time emitting and receiving magnetic waves.

In fact, starting at birth and during our whole lives, until death, we are continually, night and day, plunged into a bath of magnetic waves.

Some waves come from far away stars, some are simply produced by the earth on which we live, others come to us to be around us, from our friends, from our neighbors. And finally, the rest, the most positive, are simply captured, put in reserve and magically distributed by magical objects such as the Magic Medallion of the Magus Eriam.

Amongst this multitude of waves which move around us, some emit invigorating, enthusiastic and positive messages. The others bring misery, and make up the blackest days of our lives.

These are the negative waves which flood out form certain points on our planet, and cursing these places: these are places where misfortune reigns without a moment of respite. They are roads which are perfectly straight, on which accidents are very common in the form of car crashes, which we cannot explain etc...

We all know one of these confounded places. On the other hand, other places which bathe in positive and beneficial magnetic waves, are true oasis's of happiness and tranquility! They are blessed, holy places, where life passes by as sweet and privileged.

What is necessary in a good place is very important to man and for you too. Day after day, you experience whether you like or not, an incoming tide of waves whether they be beneficial or harmful.

If by misfortune, it is this last group of waves which reaches you with it'sfull power, then you are without defense, as weak as a newly born lamb. Your life will know nothing but suffering, a succession of failures, a miserable life made up of accidents, lies, solitude and despair.

If, on the contrary, the more positive waves are stronger, if they impose their law, then they'll open for you the doors to a better world, an enchanting world.

You will finally be the loved person that you have always dreamed of being. You will finally see what you recognizably deserve. Your natural qualities will be recognized and appreciated.

Day after day, the beneficial side of existence will become clearer: MONEY, LOVE and HAPPINESS will stick to you, like iron sticks to a magnet, and won't let go!

Yes, today you can protect yourself from these harmful waves as fast, and as effectively as one protects against illness with a vaccination.

That is why, you risk nothing by trying the Magic Medallion of the Magus Eriam, and be assured that it's ability of high protection is renowned!

Magnetized specially for you, it will reinforce magnetic energy essential to your well-being and to your happiness!

How can you take advantage straight away of the powerful magnetism of the Magic Medallion?

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The Magic Medallion of the Magus Eriam

The normal model:
us$ 37
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Model plated in GOLD:
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