My dear Nastya,

When you asked me to help you, I promised I would soon give you the results of my consultation. I am hurrying up to give you those precious results because those pieces of information are extremely IMPORTANT for you and your future. I hope you will take great pleasure in reading the study I have conducted for you for free. 

In this Detailed Study, you will find your Free Personal Horoscope and a Psychic Reading of your life, which implies a good personal mental help. 

IMPORTANT: It is in your personal interest to read this study until the end. In it you will discover some surprising things about yourself.

As a gift, your three lucky numbers :
The 5, the 12 and the 25

Here's what I noticed about you Nastya:
I discern in you Nastya an intuitive and susceptible person who reveals capacities in the divinatory arts, in the medical professions, in any case a profession tuned to the others. You are very permeable in the outside influences.

Your devoted and compassionate nature often allows you to help the others what gives you a charitable and generous image around you.

Yes, Nastya, you will soon discover when you read this letter that it contains very important information about you.

This morning, while I was thinking about your situation, after I read all the details you gave me, I had an amazing vision. At that moment I knew that I needed to personally take care of you. What I saw about you Nastya, moved me deeply.

I saw five events that could change your life drastically. Here are the most important days for you that I carefully noted after my vision:

On Monday, December 25, 2006, I see you receiving some excellent news regarding friendship or romance,

On Monday, January 01, 2007, you will have an exceptional opportunity to change your life,

On Friday, January 05, 2007, I see you receiving a significant amount of money,

On Wednesday, January 10, 2007, you will meet someone unexpectedly and it will turn into a relationship.

On Saturday, January 13, 2007, you will experience some new luck with money (this is a chance for you to bring wealth into your life…)

You understand why I needed to contact you immediately so you could prepare yourself and be ready to receive the benefits of these five extraordinary events. This will be for you, Nastya a wonderful opportunity to start a new life and get through a very difficult step. You will finally be able to experience the life you have been dreaming of, a wonderful life, yes this will be the dream life you have been waiting for so long and that you deserve.

Yes, Nastya, in a few days,(Five to be exact) things will drastically change as though the slate was wiped clean. This will be your best chance to radically change your life.

You are aware that you are going through a delicate and difficult time in your life. But thanks to these extraordinary events that I foresee, you will finally be able to go from your regular life, which is not all that fulfilling, to a brilliant life where, Love, Good Luck and Money, will fulfill you.

I have foreseen all these events with such precision that I am preparing for you a very important detailed Report that I would like to share with you as soon as possible to help you efficiently. I want to help you get ready to receive all the benefits from these extraordinary events that I foresee for you.

I will show you what your new and great life will be if you listen to me and if you decide to follow my advice.

YES, Nastya, I can see that your life is about to change in the next few days!

But be careful! Your problems may be solved easily to lead to the birth of the wonderful life you had dreamed of. But it is also possible that this important step in your life might be rather difficult to solve. You could then keep on living the same insipid life for the rest of your life without being lucky enough to see changes in your life.

Since I have been dealing with other people's happiness, I have come to realize that it is always very difficult to solve the important and delicate issues in one's life.

This is why I am writing to you right now. I know you already and I know that life has not always been easy. This is why I am offering you to accept my help. My help will be quick, total and efficient.

I want to help you because I know that right now you are not able to face the difficulties on your own because of adverse reactions and to face them without any serious help around.

You know that right now you are fragile and rather sensitive. It will be difficult for you to deal on your own with the sudden arrival of those exceptional events.

Your ability to see fortune,
your energy,
your practical sense,

all those things that make you unique have been undermined.

Your real capacities are not fully adapted to the impact of those wonderful events.

Without any external help, I do not think that you are able to deal with this important change in your life. Without any good help, this could become catastrophic.

Moreover because of all the negative influence that you have been receiving these past few months, your natural skills to deal with things have diminished. Because of that you are not fully in possession of the power that LUCK and SUCCESS can bring.

You have been a victim of a negative cosmic influence that made you weaker and more fragile. It has undermined your potentials in luck, love and money. 

However, when those important events happen to you, you will need to be in good spirits if you want to successfully have access to the great universe that your near future will promise you... 

What could happen if you do not successfully deal with this important time of your life? The first risk is that you might miss the rendezvous with those exceptional events. Then you will not be able to enjoy their positive influence. You might then enter a negative and miserable time in your life.You must understand Nastya that the problems that could arise today and make your life darker would become worse and worse. Then you would not have the strength nor the courage to deal with them.

I do not wish to be too pessimistic but what would become of your life if you did not have the wisdom to make today the right decision? All I want is for you to understand that it could put your future and yourself at risk if you did not do anything. You must restore your potential of energy in order to indefinitely increase your potentials in Luck, Success, Happiness and Money.

You must also understand, Nastya, that today fate has decided to make some kind of selection:

on one side there will be the ones that are ready to receive all the Luck that life can give them, the ones that have decided to deal with such a wonderful time in their lives successfully. These people will be rewarded and will get from life anything they wish for. 

On the other side there will be loneliness, sadness and misery because they do not know how or do not want to take the incredible opportunity given to them. 

I can and I want to help you Nastya because I want you to fully enjoy this fabulous opportunity that is offered to you. I really want you to be among the ones who will be rewarded and who will enjoy all the good things that the coming years have to offer. This is why I am writing you all this. 

I am happy to be here at the right moment in order to help you solve well the problems in your life.

And since I am the best suited to guide you through your paces, I can protect you so that when these capital events do occur, they find you in the best of shapes and guide you into your new life. I promise you, this is going to be the amazing life of your dreams, a life filled with Joy, Luck, Love, HAPPINESS and Money!  

Yes, Nastya, I believe I have been chosen for this mission, I know I can make it happen and, with your permission, I will carry it through!

This is what I am going to do for you, Nastya,

The first thing I am going to do for you,

is to act without delay to help you settle some of the most painful financial problems that weigh so heavily upon your shoulders.

First and foremost, what I am going to do, entirely free of charge, is to bring to you a substantial amount of money to help you settle your most pressing debts.

To this end, I am going to calculate your 7 Beneficial Lucky Numbers which you will be able to use in the favorable moments I will indicate.

The only thing you need to do is to use these numbers on the strict dates I will communicate to you. For my part, I will arrange, especially for you, Nastya, a SPECIAL JACKPOT CEREMONIAL to give a boost to your luck. And as I have envisioned you receiving a substantial amount of money (I saw the figure 70,000 very distinctly), I feel positive about your future and I think you should, too.

Second, I will send you FREE OF CHARGE, as a beneficial gift, the most amazing of all Talismans for your immediate protection. As soon as you touch this Amazing Talisman (which I will magnetize specifically for you), you will be filled with countless opportunities to overhaul your life completely. You will also enjoy complete astral protection to chase out of your life and your spirit all the negative forces that pry on your existence.

The second thing I am going to do for you, is to always be by your side and to act so that your life forever becomes the Amazing Life you are dreaming about, and this is what I am going to do

1. I am going to send you my Magical Picture Magnetized by me just for you . This will establish a special link between us, between you Nastya and me. That way you can hold it in your hand each time you need it so that we can immediately create a link between us two and communicate easily and efficiently.

2. I am going to complete the study of the Path to Your Happiness because Nastya this study of the Path to Your Happiness is a unique and exceptional document. 

Do you realize that this thorough study contains all the good things that can happen to you during the next twelve months and more particularly what will happen during the great time of Happiness that I see come your way. 

I will right away send you the study of the Path to Your Happiness. 

You will then discover everything you need to know to make sure that the coming days will be the most fantastic days in your life. 

You will know what you need to do and what you need to avoid doing so that you can fully enjoy all the nice opportunities that will radically change your life.

The study of the Path to Your Happiness will give you all the very useful information that will help you enjoy the lucky days of the wonderful life that you will live. Those days will certainly be the most important days in your life.

3. I am going to finish my Complete Astrological Consultation that I was preparing for you. 

I will send it to you straight away and if you allow me to do so right away I will give you an exceptional discount that I will deduct from the total amount of my fees.

Accept this important gift because I wish you happiness. And I do not want you to miss again all the luck and happiness that life is promising you because of financial issues. 

In my Complete Astrological Consultation you will find all the precious information you will need to accomplish a wonderful life full of successes.

You will find in it my most precious advice and secret instructions. Thanks to the clear vision I have had concerning your life during the sudden apparition I was mentioning at the beginning of the letter, I will be able to give you all the details about the road you need to take. This road will lead you directly towards the great HAPPINESS and FORTUNE that you deserve.

FORTUNE indeed since I can see clearly that you should become rich. 

I have seen it clearly!

In my Complete Astrological Consultation

I will tell you how certain planets influence your state of mind and your moods, which makes of you a unique person different from all the other people. I will show you how those planets determine your good times, your strokes of luck, your encounters and relationships with others.

I will reveal to you

how other people see you,
what they think of you,
what you create around you,
what your sensitivity is.

Be prepared for surprising revelations about yourself, your personality and the people who surround you...

I will make you discover

your real capacities,
what are your exact chances,
your real assets,
your secret skills,
your hidden abilities...

I will disclose to you

the obstacles inside of you that bother you,
the psychological blocks that stop you from doing things,
how to increase your chances in everything you do,
how to avoid the obstacles,
how to make decisions at the right moment
and how to fully enjoy the unexpected stroke of luck that is coming your way.

Yes Nastya, I am sure that you will then be able to make the best decisions, the ones that will lead you directly to your well deserved HAPPINESS, LUCK and MONEY!

3 . And, if only you agree, I will perform (specifically for you) a long string of mystical rituals called Very High Protection Ceremonials. These mystical ceremonials are designed to recharge your vital forces of Luck and your energy potential. You will be able to take full advantage of the ultra-beneficial effects of these Exceptional Events. You will thus witness the great gates of love, luck and money opening up before you. These mystical ceremonials will bring you, day after day, the essential elements you lack today so that your everyday life becomes and always remains the Amazing Life that you deserve and will certainly get to know. For you, this is going to be a never-ending formidable beneficial Occult Action that will multiply a thousand fold your energy potential and boost your vital forces of luck, success and happiness.

From this day on, I will devote myself entirely to establishing and maintaining GREAT HAPPINESS in your life. I expect to be hearing from you yet another of the many testimonials of satisfaction such as the ones you will find attached to this letter. I am positive that for you this is going to be the beginning of a new, exceptional existence, if you make the right decision today. Yes, Nastya, I promise you, I am going to place you under my constant very high protection if you confide in me, and if you follow my weekly regular advise, LUCK, LOVE, and MONEY are going to enter your life and never, ever leave.

This decisive turning point in your life resembles an enormous door that will open up to a better world. But at this very moment, you seem too weakened to push it open yourself and discover all the Treasures your future has in store for you. But together, you, Nastya, with your faith, and me, with my skills and the powers vested in me, I promise you, together we can push this door open. We are going to open it together and discover a new and amazing world, a world you have never imagined...

This is what awaits you if you overcome this crucial turning point. As dark and gloomy your future may be if you fail, as wealthy and brilliant it will become if you succeed.

If you successfully get through this paramount turning point, a life entirely different from the one you are living today will open up before you, the amazing life that you deserve

No more troubles at the end of the month as bills start piling up on your desk; instead, have all the money you need and even more (I saw this very substantial amount coming to you…)

Never again feel alone and distressed; instead, be surrounded with Friendship and Love, always next to someone to talk to, someone to count on, someone who loves you,

Never again feel shy and constrained; instead, discover the peaceful feeling of self-confidence, feel the power of your influence and your personal charm, always feel assured,

Never doubt yourself and your future again; instead, feel the confidence and certainty of a happy future,

You are going to see a brilliant future opening up before you and feel safe standing on your own feet, your spirit filled with happiness and hope,

And you will have your chance to prove the well-known saying, Money draws more money, luck draws more luck, and love draws more love.

Yes, Nastya, the more luck you will enjoy and the more you believe in me, the more luck will come your way. 

The more money you will have, the more money will come to you, and the more love you will have the more love will come to you. 

This is the way of the world and this is how I want your new life to be.

Yes, dear Nastya, if you can manage to overcome this major turning point in your life, believe me, your life is going to be very different from the one you are leading today.

But remember, it is now that you must act,

YES, if indeed you want your life to change, if indeed you want money enough for a thousand pleasures, if indeed you want to draw luck to your side, to believe in yourself, to have the chance of a life that is different from the one you are living today, it is now that you must act, now and not later.

This is why I am telling you, act now and fill in right away the order form for an amazing life (the amazing life that you deserve) and return it to me today. This is truly important for you and for your future! Remember that:

  - I will need time to calculate your 7 Beneficial Lucky Numbers,

  - I will need time to prepare your Instant Protection Talisman,

  - I will need time to magnetize my Magical Photo especially for you,

  - I will need more time yet to perform the High Protection Ceremonials, 

              And it will take me time to finish the Study of the Path to Happiness in your life and complete my Complete Astrological Consultation I have prepared for you.

Please, give me your approval 
as soon as possible

Time goes by so fast. It will be a pity if you are not in the best mind set to go through this crucial step in your life that will determine all the wonderful events waiting in your near future. I am counting on you and wait for your response soon. Please accept my sincere regards and best wishes. 

My heart is with you.

Your Friend,

Sara Freder.

P.S.: You are only missing a few things to be able to enjoy the next wonderful lucky events. It is in your hands now. You need to say YES to this exceptional offer that I am giving you today: 

you will be able to recognize and take the chances that will present themselves to you, because I will be able to show them to you with great details in my  Astrological Consultation and in the Study of the Path to Happiness in your life.

I must tell you that my Astrological Consultation and the Study of the Path to Happiness in your life will be a wonderful means to enable you to go towards this wonderful existence you deserve.


This will be also a very important decision in your life. You will be able to know everything about your most urgent worries, Money, Feelings, Work, Games, Love. I will throw a light on all these areas of your life so important to you.

Imagine now how you life would be if you knew in advance how the next events would affect you. You will never make the same mistakes you made in the past and will be able to put chance on your side.

If you really want a change in your life, if you sincerely wish that all the good things I saw in your future become true, don’t wait another minute. Request the  Complete Astrological Consultation and the Study of the Path to Happiness in your life by filling out the Form for a Wonderful.

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Let me tell you that you will have FABULOUS and EXTRAORDINARY CHANCES in the coming days. You will have to decode and catch particular trigger mechanisms, faint revealing signs, secret winks, subtle messages at the time Fate sends them to you to gain a great deal of wealth and joy from them. I want to tell you confidentially about that, my dear Nastya.

You have to very quickly get out of this disastrous circle of negativity which prevents you from finding the path to happiness. I want to guide you towards those new positives steps in store for your life for you to know how to reach, at the right time, the good things that your astral destiny holds you but that negative forces have kept so far away from you.

Something was not clear to me about your wish, I was in some confusion. But after some short moments of serious attention about your case, my dear Nastya, the answer has come to me. Your problem requires much more attention than my first vision revealed.

However there is no need to worry too much. All you have to do, as fast as possible, before the big positive changes I have foreseen come into effect, is to COMPLETELY ELIMINATE THE NEGATIVE ENVIRONMENT in which you are and which is generating bad-luck.

The atmosphere in your life has to be purified to become totally positive. To achieve this you absolutely have to free yourself of all your inhibitions, and to put into action the ability which is inside you.

It is your only chance to grasp all the positive effects of the fabulous period of happiness which is coming your way and which will bring you all the best things in life.

You absolutely must get out of this negative environment if you really want to take advantage of all the financial and other opportunities that you are going to meet, (which is very important your particular case).

But you must particularly mistrust certain people who are used to harming you through their acts and words, if you want to regain inner harmony. I use most of my occult power to fight against the evil eye and bewitchment, and I can tell you what kind of damage they cause.

You do not know yet, but there is a hidden treasure deep inside of yourself. And I am able to help you find it in order to give you the possibility of being a winner.

That is the great power I have in my medium that I want to transfer into you to free your psychological faculties.

I am absolutely sure that I will succeed...

You have to be sure, as well, even though the INTERVENTION OF A VERY IMPORTANT PERSON you recently consulted did not succeed to free of your your problems!

There are many reasons for this failure. I do not want to enumerate them all, but I can give you the main reasons:

There are two of them:

Yes, there are two reasons for your setbacks: The most important may be that your birth theme was not in harmony with the general astral configuration at the time of your birth, which is essential. Then, as nobody ever taught you to identify the signs, the winks, the sensitive messages that Fate sends to us when chances pass us bringing kindness, you have been the victim of something destructive at a tremendously important moment in your life.

Today, the first reason for these failures will come to an end as the general astral configuration and your birth theme will join together. And I can assure you of this, to your benefit, my dear Nastya !

The second reason will soon be just a bad memory. You simply have to strongly wish it and to rely on me.

Your success could be spectacular, if you could express yourself at the right time !

Unfortunately, I do not see anybody round you who could guide you towards the achievement of your dreams.

That's why I propose to help you IN PRIORITY... IF YOU REALLY WANT THIS !

For all these reasons, I can start for you on the in-depth study of your secret astral-clairvoyance and the neutralisation of the negative waves that are around you and which you have to quickly get rid of. I need your agreement to do this work. So do not wait for the events show you I was right.

Do whatever it takes to say FAREWELL to all of your problems.

Here is the good news !

You know that your situation is worrying. You must also know that the light of the astras is shining in your favor, and that you can take advantage of it. You know that my friendship and my devotion will help you to forget the difficulties, the disapointment and the many breakdowns which prevent you from enjoying life, and are nuciances for you.

I can also guide you towards success, towards real chances, to give you the opportunity to say: FAREWELL to failures and HELLO to joy in life, luck and happiness !

That is why I propose to you, without delay, to make an in-depth study of your case, my dear Nastya, and to keep doing my occult work to neutralize all the negative waves you have to get rid of if you want to regain your PERSONAL POSITIVE MAGNETISM !

I am ready, I am just waiting for you to give me the go-ahead. Now is the right time. Time is short !

Do not take any risks !

More over you can already feel that a very pleasant surprise is waiting for you! As we just found out during this first clairvoyance, my dear Nastya, huge positive changes concerning your case are about to happen in the coming days !

We have to act RIGHT NOW to give you the opportunity to take advantage of those changes. I would like to tell you: today is a great day, YES a great day, because my answer brings you a couple of gifts. First my revelations and also something that you did not expect: CHANCE, an exceptional CHANCE (with a big C and with lot more !).

You know that for a long time I have dedicated my life to doing good and make people happy (the press, the media have made stories out of it). The stars have told me that huge positive changes concerning your case are about to happen in the coming days and that is why we have to act immediately to give you the opportunity to take advantage of these changes. Indeed, the coming days will be decisive for you !

You must be confident that you will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel. And that is the truth..

Ineed all my fellow Clairvoyants, Astrologists etc would agree, you belong to a positive astral configuration that you should not miss.out on. A particularly good time is very soon coming your way !

That is why YOU NEED MY RAPID AND EFFICIENT HELP to take advantage of this positive time.

You know that you are unable, at this time, to grasp these fabulous chances when you withdraw into yourself in the way that you do. That is a fact, which you are aware of as much as I am. You are stuck in a vicious circle of negativity, you are spiraling downwards. But you can get out of it if you are able to react right now.


Since it is now or never, and since the Sky is with us, I am ready to give you my help using all of my magical and astral knowledge and all my occult powers. To achieve as fast as possible, as we are pressed for time, I propose that we should act right now in a big CONFIDENTIAL AND COMPLETE STUDY OF ASTRAL CLAIRVOYANCE concerning your case.

The numerous disclosures revealed by this study will give you the opportunity, my dear Nastya , to learn many things that you ignored about yourself, and which are probably the cause of certain failures. It will also give you the opportunity to learn what the future will be made up of, in order to avoid the negative signs and to grasp 100% of the positive signs.

That is only an overview of that which I will be able to disclose to you thanks to this thorough and confidential clairvoyance.

I will also be able to explain to you all about your feelings (including your most delicate or urgent worries), your welfare, your morale and how to keep it high, possibility of professional success (or concerning one of your dearest relatives), your lucky numbers in every aspect of your life: money, Love, business; in short, a great deal of valuable information for you !

Let me tell you once again, my dear Nastya, the coming days will be full of extraordinary and fabulous moments.

They will be made up of particular trigger mechanisms, faint revealing signs, secret winks, subtle messages all sent to you by fate for you to gain a great deal of wealth and joy from them.

I would like to tell it to you in confidence !

You have to quickly get out of this desastrous circle of negativity which prevents you from finding the only right track to follow to reach Happiness. I would like to guide you towards these new stages in your life in which you can grasp at the right time all the good things that astral fate has sent you and that the opposite, negative forces have kept so far away from you.

I've already told you that your situation is worrying, you are aware of that, but you must also know that with my rapid and effective assistance the stars will soon brightly shine for you.

You also know, my dear Nastya, that my friendship and my devotion will help you to get away from your difficulties, your disappointments and successive breakdowns which have stopped and prevented you from going any further in your Life.

Once again, my dear Nastya, I repeat that I can help you, guide you towards Success, real Chances and then you will say GOODBYE to bad luck, HELLO to joy of life and HELLO to Happiness !

I am sure of this and that's why I have already started a powerful occult action to give you the opportunity to see this victory come about very soon. That is my CONFIDENTIAL OFFER to give you the opportunity to quickly see the end of you unsatisfying life, and I think I'm right.

Accept my assistance, my dear Nastya.

Click to get your COMPLETE AND CONFIDENTIAL ASTRAL CLAIRVOYANCE STUDY whose numerous pages will bring YOU tremendous assistance in the period of big changes which is coming. Accept to quickly receive all the work I'm going to do for you and which will include many precious revelations for your future (your LUCKY NUMBERS, the best days to play and bring in the rewards).

You will be able to take advantage of all Chances and Happiness that you absolutely need. You are entitled to this !


At the same time I can also send you, and only you, My MAGNETISED MAGICAL PICTURE.

This picture will mean a privileged link between YOU and MYSELF, between US. It will bring you STRENGTH, COURAGE, OPTIMISM to lead you to SUCCESS, HAPINESS and JOY IN LIFE as soon as you receive it !

Read these TESTIMONIES of people who've TRUSTED me. Read them as often as you can to give you the opportunity to understand what you want !

I hope that you will very soon write me such a letter of satisfaction! Click to get your COMPLETE AND CONFIDENTIAL ASTRAL CLAIRVOYANCE STUDYof which it's numerous pages will bring YOU tremendous assistance in the period of massive change which is approaching.

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