What would you too say to a life full of joy, money, luck, love and happiness ?

Take a look at the extracts of references below. They are from people, who have agreed to be quoted. Those to which I've had the pleasure of bringing happiness.

"We've been working together for one month now. It's a miracle, what a change and what inner strength!... For fifteen days now I've been joking and laughing, I have gotten back my passion for life..."
writes Mrs L. F.
"You bring me a little brightness... for me this hand being held is a sign, a message sent from far away, a happy signification. I have trust in you and thank-you once again.! "
writes Mrs B. M.
"I want to thank you. Since I received your help and guidance, I have had much luck... "
writes Mr. J. P. C.
"...I REALLY FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF... More certain of myself. Iam no longer with drawn into myself, I chat with my colleges at work, unlike before when I remained in the corner only listening. I have joy deep within me..."
"My desires are being fulfilled... I was having a low day, but the next day everything got better. I realized that my desires are coming true ..."
writes Mrs C.
"...IT IS WITH JOY THAT I GIVE YOU THIS GOOD NEWS, ...Thanks to the numbers that you have given to me. I want to thank you very much, I continue to work with you, I am always thinking of you with your photos and medals, on me..."
"I did not think it could really happenen to me... Straight away, I found again the affection I had lost. I am amazed and happy because I didn't think it could really happen to me..."
writes Mr M. C.
"Thank you so much for your concern. Thank you for all the help you have given me from the very beginning. I assure you of my gratitude to you and of my confidence in you. Thank you so much for your attention to my case..."
writes Mrs M. Y. G
"Everything happens so fast... Suddenly all my life changes around me ! In my professional job, I am surprised that everything has gone so well... and looking at life from a different angle, it's really the very best now..."
writes Mrs C. L.
"Your revelations have surprised me... I have often been consulted, even recently, by people who exercise your profession, but none of them had so much insight into the problems with which I am confronted. "
writes Mr. J. M

Pictures don't necessarily match what is said in the text...